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Clark & June Candle Co.

Cheers Y'ALL | 009 Olive Leaf - Cedar - Black Fig | Texas

Cheers Y'ALL | 009 Olive Leaf - Cedar - Black Fig | Texas

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Right now, this candle is saying “It feels like it’s time to celebrate!” Make merry with the family you have and the family you found.

That being said, we want to be very clear… Do not toast with this candle while it is burning! That’s going too far. Dial it back to 100% and everyone will have a good time.

Burn Time

Estimated burn time 75-80 hours. Please view our care guide to get the most burn time from your candle.

Nothing Icky

All Clark & June candles are 100% soy wax and are free from lead, petroleum and phthalates.

From Home to Happy Hour

The Cocktail Collection combines elegance with practicality. This vessel is a reusable cocktail glass with a 22k gold foil image of your state emblazoned on the face. After you are done filling your house with wonderful smells you can fill your glass with the elixir of your choice.

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